Our sustainability framework responds to the four wellbeing measures: social, environmental, cultural and economic; and is aligned to QLDC’s Vision Beyond 2050 goal that our district is a place where our quality of life is enhanced through innovation and thoughtful management.  The framework provides a pathway forward, a more systematic approach, ensuring shared accountability, transparent reporting and industry benchmarking.  Our goal is that, like health, safety and security, sustainability is just ‘what we do’. 

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From FY22 to FY24 QAC will:

  • Allocate additional resource to enable us to deliver on our objectives
  • Implement an emissions reduction plan focusing on energy, waste, and ground transport
  • Introduce initiatives, working collaboratively with tenants and operators, at the airports to reduce waste and energy consumption
  • Work collaboratively with the aero industry and airlines to maximise the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint associated with flying into and out of the district
  • Assess the company’s climate risk profile and ensure we meet our regulatory obligations
  • Be a proactive participant in promoting a sustainable tourism industry and support economic diversification in the district
  • Collaborate with the other airports of the lower South Island on environmental sustainability, health and safety and regional sustainable tourism initiatives
  • Champion Tourism New Zealand’s Tiaki Promise
  • Continue our support of the Tourism Industry Aotearoa’s Tourism Sustainability Commitment
  • Ensure wherever possible that technology and management practices are enabled, encouraged and maximized in a manner that extends the timeframe for contemplation of an application to expand air noise boundaries at Queenstown Airport to respond to future forecast aircraft movements

Visit our Community and Environment page for more information on our current initiatives.