This Privacy Policy is subject to and should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Access for this website. The Privacy Act 1993 (“Act”) sets out twelve information privacy principles (“Principles”). These Principles establish rules for the collection, storage, security, accuracy, use and disclosure of personal information, as well as an individual’s right to access, and correct, personal information concerning them. Queenstown Airport Corporation Ltd ("Queenstown Airport") is committed to compliance with the Principles. Queenstown Airport collects, holds and uses personal information from the following groups of people:

a) members of the public; 

b) customers; 

c) business relations; and 

d) employees.

Personal information is only collected by Queenstown Airport for lawful purpose connected with a function or activity carried out by Queenstown Airport.  Personal information may be shared with Queenstown Airport's officers, employees, contractors, agents, professional advisors, and joint ventures or third parties in relation to the purposes described above. Queenstown Airport takes commercially reasonable endeavours to safeguard the privacy of personal information and to treat such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Queenstown airport may share personal information as required by law, court order, regulatory authority or the listing rules of any stock exchange, to exercise Queenstown Airport's legal rights, to defend against legal claims or as otherwise permitted by the Act. Queenstown Airport may share personal information with others where the individual concerned provides Queenstown Airport with their consent to do so.

Set out below is Queenstown Airport’s Privacy Policy for collecting personal information from customers or members of the public.


In accordance with the requirements of the Act, Queenstown Airport has appointed the General Manager, Corporate and Community Affairs as the Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer has statutory obligations to:

(a) encourage and ensure Queenstown Airport's compliance with the Principles; 

(b) deal with requests made to Queenstown Airport for access to and/or correction of personal information; and 

(c) work with the Privacy Commissioner on any investigation into Queenstown Airport. 


In the interests of safety and security at the airport, it is necessary for Queenstown Airport to operate video surveillance cameras (CCTV), in the form of a closed circuit television system. All surveillance of this type must relate solely to safety and security issues, as they affect the safe and efficient operation of the airport. The Airside Operations Manager or the Terminal Operations Manager must approve any additions or variations to the Queenstown Airport surveillance system. Other organisations operating at the airport may also operate video surveillance cameras in respect of the areas in which they operate, as well as record telephone conversations via their telephone systems. From time to time Queenstown Airport receives requests from other parties to view surveillance footage. Queenstown Airport will only provide access to such footage in circumstances where the Act permits Queenstown Airport’s to do so. Queenstown Airport will ensure that its video surveillance is restricted to those areas of the airport where surveillance will not amount to an unreasonable interference with personal privacy. It must be noted, however, that where Queenstown Airport has any reason to suspect that misconduct or unlawful behaviour is occurring on airport, hidden camera surveillance may occur. In such a situation, Queenstown Airport will be under no obligation to notify the location or installation of cameras, however, will endeavour to limit surveillance to the particular conduct being investigated.


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If you provide us with your email address, for example by filling out an electronic comments card, we will use this information only for the purposes that you have authorised. Email marketing will only be sent to your email address if you have expressly consented to this. You may unsubscribe to any email marketing message at any time by following the unsubscribe details contained in the message. 

Please be aware that communications over the internet, such as emails, are not secure unless they have been encrypted. We do not accept responsibility or liability for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information that is beyond our reasonable control. 


We collect information which identifies the digital devices in our premises (such as the location and WiFi MAC address or Bluetooth address of your mobile phone or other digital devices). This information is used to understand the traffic patterns of people on our premises.  We may provide information about those traffic patterns to retailers on our premises.  Those retailers and Queenstown Airport may use that information to enhance our operational efficiency, to provide better customer experience and for marketing purposes. 


If you provide us with personal information via your use of our website – for example by filling in an online form - or otherwise, we will use this information only for purposes that you have authorised. Comments cards and email feedback will be used to conduct customer research and assist us in improving and developing the services and facilities provided by Queenstown Airport. Information collected via our website may also be used to improve the website and make it more responsive to visitors’ needs.


Queenstown Airport will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that all personal information is protected against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, or disclosure and other misuse. This includes physical security, computer and network security, communications security and personnel security. 


Queenstown Airport will take reasonable steps to ensure the personal information held by it is accurate, up to date, complete, relevant and is not misleading. Queenstown Airport will respond to any request by an individual to access and correct personal information held about that individual as soon as practicable following receipt of such request. All requests of this nature should be directed to the Privacy Officer in the first instance. We reserve the right to require payment of our reasonable costs in relation to the access to and correction of certain information. 


Queenstown Airport may change this Privacy Policy by adding, changing or removing terms at any time. We will tell you about any changes we make by posting an updated Privacy Policy on our website. Any change will apply as from the date such policy is posted.