Queenstown Airport provides free WiFi access throughout the terminal. Select Queenstown Airport Free WiFi from your device to get started.

There is no limit to how long you can use the service, just a 2GB download limit per device, per 24 hour period. This limit is in place to ensure all customers receive a quality internet service.

Help connecting:

1) Make sure your device has WiFi activated and then select 'Queenstown Airport Free WiFi' from the list of WiFi networks available.

2) You will need to sign into this network. A browser window normally pops up or on some devices a message will ask you to sign in. Alternatively, loading any website in your browser will usually start the sign in process.

3) Click Get Online

On a smartphone: 

WiFi Help Mobile 1

On a laptop:

WiFi Help Laptop 1


4) Agree to the terms of use and then click login

On a mobile

WiFi Help Mobile 2

On a laptop

WiFi Help Laptop 2

That's it. You're now connected to the internet.