Airports are busy environments and for some people this can be a stressful experience, especially if you or someone with you has a disability such as autism, dementia, or anxiety that isn't immediately obvious to airport staff.

The Hidden Disability Sunflower is a symbol used globally to give you or your loved ones with disabilities a way to discreetly indicate a non-obvious disability and that additional support, time, or understanding may be needed.

At Queenstown Airport, our staff are trained to recognise the sunflower lanyard and provide you with the assistance you may need at any point in your journey. We offer the Hidden Disability Sunflower lanyard and a Sunflower card, free of charge.

Collecting a sunflower lanyard and card at Queenstown Airport:

  1. When you arrive at Queenstown Airport make your way to the Airport Information Desk located in the main terminal (open 08:30-17:00, daily)
  2. Ask the Queenstown Airport Operations staff member on duty for a sunflower lanyard and card
  3. Optional: complete your contact information on the back of the card

Please note: that either you or someone travelling with you can wear the lanyard – it’s your choice.

What can I expect from the Queenstown Airport community?

  1. Respect, kindness, and understanding
  2. The team will ask if you need any help and assist to the best of their ability

Please understand the sunflower lanyard does not give those choosing to wear it priority passenger screening or facilitation. We will, however, support and help you the best way we can to ensure your airport experience is enjoyable.

The lanyard does not provide a personal staff escort through the airport process. If you require this level of assistance or wheelchair assistance, your airline is best placed to help you. Be sure to contact your airline ahead of time to make them aware of your assistance requirements.

If you have any questions or would like to collect your sunflower lanyard ahead of time please contact:

Queenstown Airport Operations


P: +64 3 450 9031