The Brookes Road public car park offers 320 safe and secure car parks 24/7. It's easily accessible located off State Highway 6 with public bus connections located within walking distance on both Glenda and Hawthorne Drives. 

Access and payment are managed via credit or debits cards. Just tap/swipe on your way in and when you exit.

Brookes Road Oct

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Brookes Road Car Park Terms and Conditions of Entry

By entering Queenstown Airport Corporation Limited’s (QAC) Car Park you agree to pay the parking fees as displayed at the entrance to each Car Park and to comply with these terms and conditions each time your vehicle enters the Car Park. Prices are inclusive of GST. 

1. Any time you enter the Car Park, you must comply with all:

a) rules and conditions of parking displayed in the Car Park from time to time;

b) applicable laws and regulations including the Queenstown Airport Bylaws Approval Order 2009 (as varied from time to time); and

c) directions and requests made by QAC.

2. Vehicles can only be parked in marked car parks. Your Vehicle must be of a size that is able to fit within a standard sized car park space. If you are unsure if your vehicle will be accepted, please contact QAC.

3. Parking in areas marked with yellow lines or “no parking” signs is prohibited.

4. Any vehicle parked in a mobility car park must display a current mobility pass.

5. Commercial use of the Car Park is prohibited. 

6. You must not:

a) Obstruct other persons or vehicles using the Car Park.

b) Disturb, cause discomfort to, or threaten the safety or security of any other person, vehicle or Queenstown Airport.  

c) Drop any rubbish or debris or allow your vehicle to emit any substance onto the Car Park.  

d) Forcibly lift or otherwise interfere with any barrier arm or access gate equipment in the Car Park.

e) Damage QAC’s or another person’s vehicle or property. You are liable for and must pay the costs of any cleaning or the repair of any damage caused by you. 

7. QAC’s Car Park is monitored at all times by parking wardens.  You acknowledge that if you enter QAC’s Car Park and breach any of these terms and conditions QAC’s parking wardens may issue you with an infringement notice and/or fine and/or require you and your vehicle to immediately exit the Car Park.

8. QAC, its agents or its representatives may enter, move or tow away your vehicle without notice:

a) At QAC’s cost, for operational, safety or security reasons.

b) At your cost and risk, where you breach any of these terms and conditions or any applicable law. Your vehicle will not be released to you until you have paid all towing costs and Car Park fees accrued up until the time your vehicle was towed.

9. Use of the Car Park is entirely at your risk.  QAC does not warrant the security of your vehicle and is not liable for any damage to, destruction or theft of your vehicle or any other possessions left in your Vehicle, or for any personal injury to you or any other person which occurs in the Car Park. You release QAC and its employees, agents and contractors fully from any liability for loss or damage to you, your vehicle or any of your possessions.

10. By using the Car Park you confirm you are the owner, or the authorised agent of the owner, of the vehicle and agree to indemnify QAC and its employees, agents and contractors fully from any liability for loss or damage to you, your vehicle, your possessions, or any other person or vehicle.

11. CCTV surveillance and Licence Plate Recognition software may be in operation in all Car Parks for security and operational monitoring purposes.

12. For stays longer than 3 months, please register your vehicle with QAC’s Airport Administration.

13. Unless registered with QAC’s Airport Administration, vehicles parked for periods in excess of 3 months may be treated as abandoned.
QAC reserves the right to sell or dispose of any vehicle that has been abandoned in the Car Park and to retain the proceeds of the sale to recover fees or charges owing to QAC, after giving reasonable notice to the owner of that vehicle.

14. These terms and conditions and QAC’s parking fees are subject to periodic review and may change at any time. 

For enquiries telephone 03 450 9031 or email