Connecting people through our infrastructure and helping to sustain the Southern Lakes region is at the heart of QAC’s business. Everything we do to achieve this purpose is underpinned by our core values and guiding principles.

QAC as an organisation has expanded, particularly over the past five years, to support the rapid growth across the communities we serve. With the responsibility for managing and developing both Queenstown and Wanaka airports, it is critical that QAC’s organisational structure effectively supports the dual airport business model.

As we operate, plan and develop Queenstown and Wanaka airports, we look to integrate all aspects of our business, with the aspiration that the airports managed by QAC are recognised as innovative and representing the best of their regional communities. This reflects our desire to be:

  • Innovative in our thinking, planning, processes, technology, resourcing and infrastructure development
  • Integrated as one team which manages both airports whilst preserving their unique identities and connecting them to their communities
  • An outstanding first and last impression of the destinations represented by the airports, reflecting the best of the region in our people, customer offerings, infrastructure and sustainable practices.

Our direction of travel is reflected in the strategy house below which sets out our aspiration, purpose, major streams of work or themes and key priorities. The four themes identified are common goals which help us focus our efforts across the organisation. These have been further distilled into priorities against which we measure our performance.

Strategy House

QAC Strategy House FINAL 13 03 19

Core Values

4 values

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles